Modular Leisure Glamping Range

The Modular Group leaders of design and manufacturing of innovative SIP products for the leisure industry, campsites and holiday parks that include Glamping Pods, Lodges, Shepherd Huts to Hotel Studios are excited to introduce the next generation of the Glamping Range. You can now experience the outdoors in style with the next generation of Glamping Pods. Glamping offers new exciting opportunities for farmers and landowners to diversify their income. Caravan sites, camping sites, fishing lakes, recreational and agricultural land can be used for Glamping.

With high quality and competitively priced products, we have the UK’s most advanced range of Glamping Buildings that will be sure to impress and exceed expectations. The Glamping range are manufactured in our 40,000 sq ft factory located in Blackburn, Lancashire, UK. All of our buildings use state of the art SIP panel construction that offers fantastic insulated properties and results in a building for year-round use.

We offer a 10 Year Guarantee as Standard for each low maintenance building – the high quality, durable materials mean that they need little upkeep. Each building is Thermal Class 2 & 3, keeping everyone warm inside, from 0 to -15 degrees outside. They make for happy living; working or all year-round holidays, maximising use to their full potential. The Glamping range offer a comfortable and cosy living space that will be sure to help you unwind, relax and take in the outdoor surroundings.

The next generation Glamping pods are built offsite and are delivered complete to your chosen location.


The Brecon Range

The Brecon is a contemporary twist on a traditional Arch building. It has been designed with fully insulated sip panels making it a cosy haven to enjoy the view and relax all year-round. It sleeps 4 and is available in 3 different sizes.

Brecon 4.8 Glamping 4.8m x 3.2m, sleeps 4

Brecon Arch 6.8m x 3.2m, sleeps 4

Brecon Lite 4.8m x 2.9m, sleeps 4


The Moddpod Mini

This is the smallest of the Moddpod glamping range; the Moddpod Mini is still large enough for a double bed platform.  Whether it’s for glampers cyclists, hikers or other outdoor types the Moddpod provides a brilliant no fuss fully insulated accommodation and is available in one size.

Moddpod Mini 3.6m x 2.5m Sleeps 2


The Moddpod

The Moddpod is a contemporary alternative to the Arch Pod. It has been designed with fully insulated sip panels, which means you can unwind in outdoor surroundings all year-round.

Is available in five different sizes and sleep between 2 – 4 people.

The Moddpod Extra 2.9m x 6.8m, sleeps 2 + 2

The Moddpod 5.4 2.9m x 5.4m, sleeps 2

The Moddpod Extra 2.9m x 4.8m, sleeps 2 + 2

The Moddpod 2.5m x 4.8m, sleeps 2

The Moddpod Mini – 2.5m x 3.6m, sleeps 2


 The Moddpod Extra

The Moddpod Extra is true to its name, extra space and features. The fully insulated glamping experience, with cooking facilities offering a separate bedroom area and bathroom.  Suitable for 2+2 the moddpod extra could be for outdoor sports and recreation to wedding or festivalgoers and is available in one size:

The Moddpod Extra 6.8m x 2.9m


The Shepherd Hut

The Shepherd Hut is a modern development of a traditional building. It has been designed with fully insulated sip panels, which means you can unwind in comfortable living all year-round.

It comes in two sizes and sleeps 2 people.

Shepherd Hut 4.8m x 2.9m, sleeps 2

Shepherd Hut 6.1m x 2.9m, sleeps 2


From small Lodges to Glamping Pods, we can provide a modern leisure building that provides the comfort and style your guests demand.

The Modular Group can open endless doors for your business, we understand the complications behind parting with capital to make a purchase. Contact us for more information on leasing.

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